Exness Bonus Promotion - 10% Net Deposit Bonus

Exness Bonus Promotion - 10% Net Deposit Bonus

Did you know that Exness bonus promotion offers a sign-up bonus with an extra +10% bonus?

The news of Exness opening real accounts might appeal to many traders eager to open their ownaccounts. As soon as the trader registers with the Exness for a real account, it grants a welcomebonus.Generally, welcome bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the net deposit.

Net deposit is the difference between the total amount deposited in the trading account and the totalamount withdrawn.

lt should be noted that Exness does not offer any additional deposit bonuses or any benefit on the no-deposit bonus. All traders will be exempt from paying a minimum deposit before they start trading.

Even so, Exness is a trusted and well-known platform for brokers to begin trading on profitable terms.

How to get an Exness 10% net deposit bonus?

1.Register for a classic account.

2.Verify the information.

3.Ask for a bonus after making a deposit.

4.The bonus program will calculate your bonus as a percentage of your net deposit.

Note: Bonuses are not withdrawable.