What are forex cashback?

Forex cashback are funds shared with traders by forex agents, who receive cashback from brokers throughout forex trading process.

How Forex Cashback works

First, you need to register a customer portal on our website in order to receive cashback.

Second, if you already have a trading account, you can transfer your trading account under our IB account. Some brokers do not allow transferring accounts to another IB, so you can simply register an additional account through our IB link.
If you don’t have a trading account, you can click our IB link to register one immediately.

Third, you can start trading through your newly registered account. After you close your transactions, you can check you rebate amounts from your customer portal.

Finally, you can withdrawal your cashback from your customer portal. You will receive the funds within a week after you send your withdrawal request.

What are advantages of forex cashback?

Forex cashback can directly reduce your trading costs.

Once you make a trade, the cashback will be generated whether you make a profit or a loss on the trade. Think about it, when you lose money on a trade, the cashback will reduce your capital loss to some extent. At the same time, when you get a profit on a trade, the cashback will increase your capital gains.

Get forex cashback now


Register a customer portal on our website for receive cashback.


Choose a broker to register through our ib link.


Trading with your newly registered account


Earn cashback on each trade.

Our Brokers

You can register for the trading accounts of the following brokers through our ib link, so as to get cashback after the transaction.

XM Group
XM Group

Standard:Up to $18.75 Per Lot

Ultra Low:Up to $11.25 Per Lot


Standard:Up to $25.08 Per Lot

Raw spread:Up to $12.30 Per Lot

IC Markets
IC Markets

Standard:0.3 Pips

Raw Spread (ECN):$1.5/Round Turn Lot


Classic:$0.9 Pips

ECN Pro:$1.5/Round Turn Lot


Standard:$4.5/Round Turn Lot

Zero:$1.5/Round Turn Lot